Try these fonts for programming

Developers spend most of their time with IDE while coding, So one you should choose the font that really eases your eyes to distinguish the letter easily and have a better experience while coding, In this article, let's look at few fonts that should while coding

So why fonts does matter while programming?

  • It's always best practice to use monospaced fonts while coding which is fixed pitch and fixed-width in which characters occupy the same horizontal space, so this help to maintain a good experience for developers with a different set of indentation as your grows lot of nested brackets
  • The developer's life revolves around if, else, and with heavy conditions validations, so the font should easily distinguish between different arithmetic and logic operators such as &&, || + - and comparison operations like > < and scope operators like:: =>, etc.

Based on many developer opinions on the community and open source contribution popularity, we have shared the below fonts details which you should try in your IDE if you are not tried ever

We have added the small piece of code with these fonts just for the quick visualization

IBM Plex

This font is developed by IBM for its own branding but the monospace version is best suited for coding and has greater support for different languages and also now Postman is shipping with IBM plex as the default font in it

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Fira code

This is one of the fonts widely used by many developers and one of the most voted fonts in Github and has already reached more than 50k stars and it provides rich visualizations for the varieties of symbols used while coding and this font are designed in considering the content-aware representation of the symbols so the height of symbols varies when used in upper case and lower case.

Jetbrains Mono

This font is developed by Jetbrains, and it has released recently but picking a lot of developer attention over last year as this is now the default font in all the JetBrains IDE, This font is designed solely for programmers and with character looks bit height and provides a better reading experience and this also provides better visualization of ligatures