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How to upgrade to Angular 8

How to upgrade to Angular

In this tutorial you will learn about upgrading to Angular 8

Below are some of major changes introduced in Angular 8

  • Bundle size is reduced to ~10% , as it's very important browsers on client side always loads these bundles to display the content
  • Now Angular 8 supports dynamic imports
  • Supports Webworkers and through CLI you can generate using the command ng generate webWorker my-worker

Step 1 : Before upgrading make sure you have all the HTTP modules are imported from HttpClientModule instead of HttpModule and Http and make sure RxJS is 6 or above

Step 2 : Now from Angular CLI run below commands

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

Step 3 : If you have used /deep/ in the styles ,replace with ::ng-deep

Step 4: Update Typescript to 3.4 and Node.js to 10 or above

Step 5 : If you have used ViewChild or ContentChild now you need to define either static:true or static:false when you set true results will always be available in ngOnInit and when you set false the results are available in ngAfterViewInit

@ViewChild('foo', { static: true }) foo: ElementRef;
@ViewChild('foo', { static: false }) foo: ElementRef;

Step 6 : If you have used Angular Material ,execute the below command as now Angular and Angular Material should be in sync

ng update @angular/material

Step 7 : From Angular 8 Sass compiler uses Javascript compiler hence add the node-sass as dev dependency using below

npm install node-sass --save-dev

While upgrading ,If you face any problem such as An unhandled exception occurred: Could not find the implementation for builder @angular-devkit/build-angular:dev-server ,execute the below commands, But before that please make sure to commit to your existing changes as ng update will try to update all the angular dependent packages ,so in case of any problem you can easily revert the change
npm uninstall @angular-devkit/build-angular 
npm install @angular-devkit/build-angular 
ng update --all

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